Every year wildfires ravage forests, destroy communities, and devastate human lives, with dedicated firefighters often forming the only barrier against greater destruction.

Throughout the 2016 wildfire season, journalist Heather Hansen witnessed firsthand the actions of the Station 8 crew in Boulder, Colorado. In Wildfire, she tells that story, layered with history, science, landscape, and human behavior that, year-by-year, increases the severity, frequency, and costs of conflagrations in the West. She examines the changes in both mindset and activity around wildfires and tracks the movement from wildfire as something useful, to something feared, to something necessary but roundly dreaded.

Wildfire shares the drama, hardships, and experiences of the firefighters who try, sometimes in vain, to prevent destruction when a spark flares out of control.

Hansen tells the rich and frightening stories of the firefighters themselves and the challenges they face: a safety system struggling to keep up with fire seasons that are lengthening, fires that are becoming more extreme, and agencies that are struggling to cover the bills.

  • The author was embedded with one of the busiest US wildfire crews
  • Reveals wildfires through the experiences of the people who go face-to-face with them
  • Focuses on challenges faced in Western states

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